Water Base Flags
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Water Base Flags

Water Base Flag offers you the choice of displaying your message indoors as well as outdoors. The base is filled with water, which makes the Flag Pole stand firm even in a windy climate.

Aluminum Telescopic Flagpole with PVC Water Base, Flagpole Stabilizer and custom printed flag made of Polyflag Standard
Single-reverse or double-sided flag option
Height: 5m,7m
Base Weight: 50-60KG when filled with water

Product Details

The Telescopic Flagpole displays one banner, which can either be single-reverse or double-sided. The lightweight and strong hardware can be adjusted up and back down at 3 height settings, transported easily. This allows you to take the Telescopic Flagpole to trade shows, tail gating parties, or other events which require a larger display system. The banner arm keeps your flag fully displayed at all times. The height of the pole can be adjusted by sliding it up and clicking it into place at each notch. The silver, sleek design of the hardware creates an appealing appearance. Different base options allow for complete customization. Please do not use this flagpole in harsh weather conditions and wind speeds higher than recommended.